Coil Pickups

I love making glitchy, messed up UI sounds. I can spend days tweaking synth params, filtering & fudging white noise and splicing up samples and recordings. But recently I hit a wall. I was really struggling to get creative with the process, it felt like I was rerunning a program in my brain... 'glitchyUI.exe' 

So how to solve this problem? A while back I heard some advice about enforcing creative restrictions upon yourself, not only to help clear a creative rut but also to develop your own sound design skills (I'm pretty sure it was Matthew & Gordon on a BCAIGA podcast). So I purchased one of these 'coil pick up' mics from JRF's website. It allows you to capture the sounds of electromagnetic interference from any electrical device that emits these frequencies. The idea was to mess around with it and see what I could record, which then turned into a 'coil pick up only' sound design clip. 

The mic by the awesome! 

I've never used these types of mics before and I wasn't entirely sure how they worked, but I had loads of fun! I was running around my home turning every conceivable electronic device on in hopes that some strange new electrical gurgle or whizz would appear. But rather than bore you to death with what kind of sounds I recorded I thought I'd knock together a really quick demo to show the variety of sounds you can get. BOOM ran a competition last year that used a really cool UI clip that I've been holding onto for a while, so using that and a little editing/sound design hopefully, you can see how useful these mics can be. I've also thrown up some photos of the electronics I tried as well as some raw audio. Enjoy!