Custard of choice

Custard of choice

So first blog post and I thought I'd write up my recent escapades with custard! I'm working on a small VR project which puts a player inside a large metal container sitting at the bottom of the ocean. The direction I was given was to design a simple ambience to convey the world outside this boxwhich will later be layered with other ambiences within the scene.

On the agenda were: rumbles, bubbles and the occasional strange noise eluding to the creatures that may exist in the murky depths. Dramatic right? 

So with this info, I grabbed my hydrophone, my contact mic and half a kilo of custard powder. I went for custard to give me the flexibility in viscosity. If I needed gloopy-er bubbles? I added more powder. Finer bubbles, I added more water. To 'agitate' my custard I grabbed as many tools in and around my flat, my favourite being an empty squeezy syrup bottle that gave me lots of expression!

So with a contact mic attached on the outside of my container and the hydrophone submerged in the custardy goodness I managed to grab some pretty cool sounds. The two perspectives were cool to mess around with when editing and recording at 96k also helped in keeping some frequency content when pitching all this stuff down.

If you have any feedback or advice on capturing 'underwater' ambiences or using hydro/contact mics in general, I'd love to hear form you! If you're interested in diving into these kinds of sessions then Tim Prebble's blog is a must read! Check it out here if you haven't already :)

Below you can find a tiny slice of what I managed to capture, an edited WIP of the ambience itself as well as some pics of the setup, tools and equipment used. 

Thanks for reading!